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We're happy to take suggestions, yes... we (one of us) will read it. NO... Sending 5-10 requests does not mean it will magically appear on the site.

PLEASE WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES!!! Writing like a 1st grader, with no punctuation means... We don't care about you. Along with us guessing what you are trying to spell out. You can't write, don't write to us.

The famous e-mail of... I DON'T SEE IT ON THE SITE? DO YOU HAVE IT? IF NOT, CAN YOU GET IT FOR ME? 2 hours later... Did you find what I asked for? It's still not on the site? Seriously... You will be auto-banned for STUPIDITY. Do not do it. Use your fucking brain. We don't pull shit out of our asses and it magically appears 2 hours after your e-mail came. This isn't exaggeration, this is truth and happens between 2-6 times a day with 2-6 different people.

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